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Kids’ Nathan Notah on Navajo Culture and Children

About Us

Our People




Founding Director

Barbara Sheppard Williams, ACSW


Founding Advisors

Carl R. Rodgers, Ph.D.
Virginia Satir, ACSW

Professional Staff

Shanon D. Fernaays
Carol Kreps
Barbara Sheppard Williams, ACSW
Heather O. Williams, BSW

Honorary Advisors

Page Donaldson, M.A.
Developer and Presenter of
Communication Workshops

Laura Dotson, Ph.D
Chairperson institute for
International Connections

J Edward McEntire
Chief Executive Officer
Ultimate Electronics, Inc.

Vincenzo Graziani, Ph.D. IACP Rome Italy

Bruce Hall, MSW
Social Work Department
Colorado State University

Ken Meinhardt, MD
Medical Director
Santa Clara Mental Health Center

Kent Sherwood, MSW
John Muir Medical Center

Gay Swenson, Ph.D.
Carl Rogers Peace Institute

Ron Williams, Ph.D.
Philosophy Department
Colorado State University

Alberto Zucconi, Ph.D.
IACP, Rome, Italy


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