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Kids’ Nathan Notah on Navajo Culture and Children


Ways of Working with Chidren

For parents, teachers, and other professionals working with children: creative ways to help children have high self esteem, to express themselves in clear, straight ways, to accept differences, and to develop the skills of emotional intelligence.

Premised on the belief that it is better to prevent problems than to repair them, the goal of the workshops is to help adults respond to children in positive, creative ways that make it possible to solve problems as they arise.

The workshops (seminars) can be presented in different time frames. Often they are presented in a one or two day period. They are a combination of theory and experiential exercises. The exercises involve role-playing, art, music, story telling, working with puppets and other figures. There are many practical ideas and activities that people can take from this seminar and use immediately with children.

I was in the Kids' Workshop when I was nine and now I am twenty one. It was obviously very important to me, because it is the most vivid of my childhood memories and I remember the activities in detail and the feeling of how much they helped me and how good I felt. "


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