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Kids’ Nathan Notah on Navajo Culture and Children


Play Therapy

Play is a natural way for children to express themselves and to learn. Play therapy helps children to bring to the surface and to creatively cope with the central tensions in their lives.

This workshop provides an introduction to the theory of play therapy within a Rogerian perspective. The emphasis is on the details of practice and the use of materials. Participants will receive hands-on instruction. Participants receive hands-on instruction through work with puppets, dolls, small figures, movement and art. Required reading: Carl Rogers' Becoming a Person, Virginia Mae Axline's Dibs: In Sarch of Self and Virginia Satir's The New People Making.

"Too often, when grownups work with children, they tend to impose still more on the children rather than letting them express themselves. Your particular talent is providing an atmosphere in which the children do it themselves. This is in line with Carl Rogers' work with grownups. why wait until then?"
--Barry Stevens

All of the seminars and workshops are cross-cultural in intent and encourage intercultural communications.

"The workshop gave me new insight, not only with children but life as well, and it was close to my own Native American beliefs and valued all people of all races.
--Navajo workshop participant


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