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Professional Training

A program to train professionals to be facilitators for Kids' Workshops in private practice, schools and community settings. Participants will learn to recognize "person-centered" qualities within themselves and to develop ways to help children express these qualities.

The Training Program is presented through theory, experiential exercises, hands on experience and a demonstration of a Kids' Workshop. In the second phase of the training there is opportunity to have a direct experience of being a facilitator for a Kids' Workshop.

The program supplies a Manual for facilitating the Kids' Workshops and handouts for parents and others. Required reading is Carl Rogers' A Way of Being, Becoming a Person and Virginia Satir's People Making.

The Kids' Workshop has been approved by the Italian Minister of Education for presentation in the Italian schools. Through translation we offer the training program in Italy to graduates of the Institute for Studies of the Person in Rome. The program is presented in three four-day sessions and the participants have the opportunity to facilitate a Kids' Workshop before the last session. In the United States and other places the program can be presented in English in four sessions of two days each. The hours are flexible and can be arranged to fit into different situations; such as school schedules. Participants will receive a certificate of completion.

"When I presented a Kids' Workshop, I found the power of these workshops to be amazing. It seems very natural to the children."

--Facilitator of a Kids' Workshop in Italy


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